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Administrative Office of the Courts

AOC Statewide Program Manager #10111072-21800, Full-time, PERM in Santa Fe or Albuquerque, NM

Opening Date: 08-28-2019 - Close Date: 09-11-2019

Job Pay Range: $28.690 - $46.622 per hour

Target Pay Range/Rate: $28.690-$32.00 per hour

Under the direction of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) statewide program manager, plan, organize, direct, and manage statewide ADR programs and services including the Magistrate Court Mediation Program (MCMP). Coordinate the work of volunteers, contract personnel and outside entities. Willingness to become a trained mediator. Work with courts statewide to implement or enhance ADR programs. May supervise judicial branch program staff and provide professional support to judicial commission(s). Finalist(s) may be subject to criminal background checks.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in Criminal Justice, Public or Business Administration, social sciences or a related field.
  • Education Substitution: None.
  • Experience: Six (6) years of program management experience. Relevant experience may include: public or business administration, budget, finance, social services, social work, social sciences, mediation, grant writing, guidance and counseling, law/probation, program/project management, adult education, training, volunteer programs, or closely related field.
  • Experience Substitution: Additional relevant education may substitute for experience at a rate of thirty (30) semester credit hours equals one year of experience.
  • Other: Completion of a post-offer background check may be required. Completion of state Defensive Driving Training and valid New Mexico driver’s license may be required.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge of New Mexico state courts, including court procedures and rules, court organization, services, operations, functions and jurisdictions; public policy analysis and evaluation; principles and practices of public and court administration; practices and techniques in managing multiple and diverse statewide program(s); conference and program planning; human resource management and behavior; organizational development and behavior; problem solving and conflict resolution principles and techniques; budget management including: performance based budgeting, project/program budget preparation, tracking projected and expended project/program funds; grant procedures and grant writing techniques; state and federal grant compliance rules and regulations; state procurement rules and regulations; legislative process; New Mexico Criminal Justice Information System; basic contract law; New Mexico Judicial Branch Personnel Rules and Policies; mediating and managing conflict; problem solving and conflict resolution principles and techniques; community resources; media relations; computer software (data base, word processing, spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, report writing, email); modern research and evaluation techniques; modern methods of data collection; supervisory techniques, coaching, performance evaluations, hiring, training, discipline, and termination.
  • Skill & Ability: Skill in setting goals and objectives, establishing time lines, identifying resources and evaluating work products; analyzing court operations, assessing and evaluating a variety of court programs and services; performing multiple tasks and managing several projects/program(s) at one time; developing strategic plans; conducting research; providing comprehensive explanation of statewide budget and staffing needs; motivating staff and team members; working independently while taking responsibility for actions and decisions; problem solving and conflict resolution; negotiating and writing contracts; fiscal management and reporting; grant research and proposal writing; technical writing and editing; data collection and analysis, preparing and delivering presentations; public speaking; creative thinking; inter-personal skills; effective written and verbal communication; anticipating and evaluating the impact of rules, procedures, and statutory changes; working effectively with a diverse range of individuals; supervising individuals and/or groups of people; effective crisis management and response; working in high stress situations and working within the structure and governance of the state court system. Ability to read, write and interpret legal documents; maintain open communications; resolve conflict; develop and maintain public relations; conduct and present detailed and complex statistical analyses; organize, maintain and update a variety of detailed and complex records; act as a project leader and conference planner; use initiative and independent judgment; coach individuals one-on-one and/or in groups; train, delegate, assign work, supervise and evaluate contractors/volunteers/others; maintain confidentiality and use discretion when dealing with sensitive information.
  • EXAMPLES OF WORK PERFORMED Program Management - Develop, propose or approve statewide program initiatives; manage and administer statewide programs and projects; act as a statewide project leader in developing and implementing new court programs and providing technical assistance, training and assistance to the magistrate, metropolitan, district and appellate courts; develop and oversee adherence to court program policies and procedures; programs may include, but are not limited to: jury management, case management, drug courts (Problem Solving Courts), alternative dispute resolution, judicial tribal/state relationships; court improvement of children’s cases, safe exchanges/supervised visitation; interpreter certification; and language access, and Title VI compliance; plan, organize, and manage conferences and associated fees; evaluate effectiveness of conferences; design, develop and implement new information systems (software & hardware); implement and coordinate educational programs and training, including preparing curriculum and materials; communicate program design and goals to courts, staff, and participants/clients and community; develop and maintain inter-agency cooperation and collaboration; establish working relationships with interested parties and legislators; develop, revise and implement policies and procedures, manuals and handbooks; develop and deliver presentations; develop strategic plans for long-term planning of programs; research and write grant applications and secure, administer and oversee grant-funded statewide projects; serve as a resource and provide professional support (staff) to judicial committees, commissions, councils, boards, courts, judges, court administrators, court staff and the public; develop and maintain program standards; ensure multiple approvals are obtained as required by upper management, committees and boards; analyze statutes, legislation, and court rules; conceptualize and implement solutions to problems; provide program information as requested and timely deliver all services and projects; build and motivate strong support teams; create and maintain a cohesive problem-solving program stakeholders/team(s); serve as a liaison to courts.
  • Budget/Grants - Prepare budget request by projecting statewide need and costs for programs and conferences; recommend and justify requests for each budget line-item to upper management, special committees, boards and the legislature; participate in the unified budget process; communicate the success and cost-effectiveness of program(s) to secure funding necessary to continue operations and growth; oversee compliance with program standards to ensure consistency statewide; ensure consistency and quality of reported performance measures; administer budgets, funding requests, and AOC grants; approve expenditures; identify and acquire additional funding sources to maintain adequate resources for program operations; ensure compliance with budgetary policies and limitations; ensure compliance with statutory deadlines and budgetary limitations; and complete all status and fiscal grant reporting requirements and requests from city, county, local, state, federal agencies, non-profits and private business.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution - Oversee and assess the appropriateness of a mediation or dispute resolution program or process; intergrade mediation programs and encourage the use and development of court mediation programs; conduct a mediation or a dispute resolution process, subject to the applicable standards of confidentiality; lead joint discussions with all parties, and private discussions with each party, to identify issues, contentions, and interests to develop a constructive working environment, and to generate discussion of options for resolution; identify and facilitate among the parties analysis of procedural and substantive issues; oversee and encourage negotiations extending beyond the initial conference through subsequent conversations or additional conferences; facilitate settlement until an agreement is reached or until settlement does not appear to be possible; assist judges with recruiting volunteer mediators; work with judges, court staff, and coordinators in administering local ADR programs; assist court personnel and coordinators with recruiting mediators; develop core curriculum, training, and materials for ADR programs; organize and deliver training for mediators; assist with the development, implementation, and evaluation of ADR programs; conduct mediation and other dispute resolution sessions (or be willing to become a trained mediator). May: Assist the ADR statewide program manager in managing a statewide network of court-connected ADR programs; suggest changes in legislation and Supreme Court rules related to ADR.
  • Contracts - Prepare specifications, draft Requests for Proposals , Invitations to Bid, and conduct bid conferences in compliance with state procurement code; ensure record keeping is accurate and up to date and clients’ needs and program goals are being met; draft and finalize contracts; provide direction to contractor(s); monitor and evaluate contractor(s) (community and state governments) with respect to vendor compliance with contracts; address contractor adherence to program, policies, procedures and initiatives; initiate, develop, plan, monitor, modify and evaluate program operations and performance measures.
  • Statistical/Reports - Perform complex analytical and statistical research; prepare complex detailed reports based upon overall data and make formal presentations with recommendations on a variety of court management studies and programs/projects; create, evaluate and analyze statistical measures, reports and surveys for programmatic changes to better manage resources, and make recommendations for improving case management and the delivery of court services.
  • Legislative - Track multiple bills and perform bill analysis; identify and analyze statewide program needs and address requests from, and provide information to the legislature and other interested parties; provide information to legislators and other governmental agencies and parties; appear, speak/present information to legislators; make recommendations and advocate for bills to legislators; speak to legislators; attend legislative hearings (interim and session); lead the legislative process/sessions strategy (identify and define needs, obstacles, schedules), and other duties as assigned.
  • WORK ENVIRONMENT AND PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The following functions are representative of the work environment and physical demands an employee may expect to encounter in performing the tasks assigned to this job. Work is typically performed in an office or court setting. Work is performed in an often fast-paced and stressful work environment. The work requires prolonged use of computers. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to perform repetitious hand, arm and finger motions as well as use manual/finger dexterity and sit for long periods of time. The employee may be exposed to hostile or violent situations that may arise when dealing with individuals involved or associated with court cases, disturbing or hazardous court exhibits and contagious health conditions. The employee must regularly interact positively with co-workers, clients and the public; work under severe time constraints and meet multiple demands from several people. The employee is expected to be punctual and to adhere to assigned work schedule. May also be required to move, lift, pull, and/or carry up to twenty five (25) pounds; work overtime and/or flexible hours, weekends, and holidays; and may be exposed to fluctuating outdoor and building temperatures. The employee may be required to sit or stand for long periods of time. . Extensive travel will be required and a valid driver’s license is required.
TO APPLY: Please submit a New Mexico Judicial Branch Application for Employment or a Resume and a Resume Supplemental form and proof of education to:

Application forms:
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Resume Supplemental Forms:
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Administrative Office of the Courts
Victoria Sandoval
237 Don Gaspar, Rm 25
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Fax No.: (505) 827-8091

Completed applications and supporting documents may be faxed, mailed, emailed, or returned in person.

Proof of education required.