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IT Specialist Senior #00000522-23200, Full-time, PERM, in Albuquerque, NM

Opening Date: 10-10-2019 - Close Date: 10-28-2019

Job Pay Range: KK/MM - $30.995 - $50.367 per hour

Target Pay Range/Rate: $30.995 - $38.744 per hour

The Second Judicial District Court is recruiting for a full-time, classified, IT Specialist Senior position #00000522-23200 for the Information Technology Division in Albuquerque, New Mexico. SUMMARY: Under direction, perform advanced technology support and analysis in one or more of the areas of specialization and may be assigned as team lead on projects. Areas of specialization include client, field and/or applications support. Finalist(s) may be subject to criminal background checks.


  • QUALIFICATIONS: Education: Bachelors’ degree in business administration or management, project management, computer science, information technology (IT)-related engineering or other related field.
  • Education Substitution: Four (4) years relevant experience, and/or a combination of relevant experience and technical education will substitute for education on a year for year basis.
  • Experience: Five (5) years of general experience in systems design and analysis; and/or client and network support or in programming, applications, systems design and analysis or support, using client/server technology; and/or application support and business analysis, including using client/server technology, analyzing users requirements or preparing recommendations for systems architecture.
  • Experience Substitution: Additional relevant education at the Master’s Degree level may substitute for experience at a rate of 30 semester hours equals one (1) year of experience.
  • Knowledge Applicable to All Areas of Specialization - Knowledge of computer best practices; computer software; of computer and peripheral hardware; word processing, spreadsheets, report writers, e-mail, structured query language; current systems analysis and design; hardware and software technical requirements and specifications; tools and techniques of troubleshooting; desktops and laptops.
  • Knowledge: Client Support - Knowledge of installation, configuration, maintenance and testing of operating systems, software applications, drivers, utilities, remote management tools, routers, switches and hubs and specific software on servers; computer programming languages; advanced computer architecture and design; imaging software and techniques; network design; protocols and standards models; current methods of ensuring the network is secure; network monitoring tools, intrusion detection software, encryption, port blocking and fire walls; incident reporting software. Field Support - Knowledge of current hardware and software installations, client server operating systems and functionality of application; the interdependence of software, operating systems, hardware and users requirements in a multi-vendor, multi-platform, multi-users environment; functional applications. Application Support - Knowledge of database software; database structure, maintenance operations, table layout and construction and functionality of application; data standards and their impact on technology and processes; application’s front-end data entry screen designs, functions and back-end data storage design; statistics and data collection techniques.
  • Skills & Abilities: Applicable to All Areas of Specialization - Skill in applying technical concepts as they relate to computer principles, practices and techniques to resolve computer networking, printing, applications, hardware and personal computer problems; providing guidance to lower level IT Specialists; interviewing end users to discover need or problem and resolving issue(s); communicating effectively with diverse parties both orally and in writing using technical and non-technical language; organizing and setting priorities; multitasking; meeting deadlines under pressure; working independently; report writing; to planning and coordinating service requests based on urgency, impact and consequence to overall organization operations; interpreting and applying knowledge from technical manuals and publications; interviewing end users to discover need or problem and interpreting and documenting information appropriately. Ability to participate in a team environment; research and analyze problems logically and recommend alternative courses of action; assume a leadership role to resolve end users issues; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships; troubleshoot; develop written instructions, training materials and manuals and provide hands-on training in the classroom; show diplomacy; and maintain confidentiality and flexibility; manage and administer a budget; use work order/trouble tracking systems for documentation and task management; translate project goals into reliable and valid measures and act as the team leader on assigned projects. Client Support - Skill in assessing and configuring network hardware on the site or remotely; designing and maintaining a variety of directory structures; decoding network interface layer heads using protocol analyzers and constructing subnet masks. Ability to visualize the flow of data through computer systems; develop software and hardware replacement schedules, install, configure, and test protocols on various operating systems and platforms; write login scripts, use templates, map network drives, backup and restore data and create disaster recovery plans; mentor and lead others; secure servers. Field Support - Ability to install approved software and hardware; to determine end user and division’s technology environment so that software and hardware purchases are appropriate. Application Support - Ability to correlate end user business processes to possible computer software solutions; design appropriate test scenarios and analyze results to identify problems; recognize variations and/or inconsistencies in data.
  • EXAMPLES OF WORK PERFORMED: Applicable to All Areas of Specialization - Analyze end users’ needs and resolve problems, troubleshoot and assist in problem resolution; work with other teams and serve as primary point of contact for end users, vendors, technical support staff; resolve technical issues for end users in a multi-vendor, multi-platform environment; recommend new practices, processes, systems and technologies; work with end users to streamline and improve business processes; plan travel as efficiently as possible; coordinate, and guide efforts of end users, technical field staff, and staff concerning day-to-day activities and/or projects; serve as the primary point of contact for end users, vendors and staff to resolve computer hardware, operating system, software application, server, network and telecommunication related issues; document, prioritize, analyze and resolve problems to completion; develop and distribute written documentation and computer related training materials to the end users; recommend new practices, processes, systems and technologies; monitor trends and evaluate new technology; evaluate judicial entity staff training needs and present technology workshops and conferences for end users, site coordinators and field technical staff; may advise the department on most efficient uses of technology. Client Support - Plan, organize, and manage initiatives to integrate, upgrade, replace, install and configure computer hardware, operating systems, software applications, servers, network and telecommunications equipment; provide support for computer hardware, operating systems, software, servers and networks; evaluate, analyze and design various types of hardware, operating systems and software applications for integration into a large complex network; develop and implement emergency plans, including disaster recovery procedures and oversee projects; oversee aspects as assigned of the Judiciary’s computer network, including managing and supervising installations, maintenance and troubleshooting of all hardware and software; install, configure, analyze and test computer images to develop baseline production images for staff; evaluate images for compatibility against new and existing hardware, operating systems, software applications, servers and network topologies; implement and maintain security on operating systems, software applications, and servers; download and install operating system security patches to protect against malicious attacks and vulnerabilities; update anti-virus definitions to protect against virus threats; administer end users accounts to ensure secure passwords and permissions are applied to files and folders to protect data; maintain, diagnose and resolve problems with servers; ensure smooth transition from old to new servers; migrate data from one server to another; create, reorganize and maintain directory structures on servers; communicate and collaborate with vendors who install and configure software on the servers; create, configure, verify and maintain tape backup jobs to protect and preserve data stored on desktops, laptops and servers; restore or retrieve data from backup tapes if requested; set up, configure and maintain computer networks and related equipment. Field Support - Provide technology support to end users at local and remote judicial entity locations; install, test, maintain, troubleshoot and resolve networked and non-networked computer hardware and software; configure, train, troubleshoot and resolve problems with video equipment for video arraignment; respond to end users requests via work order/trouble tracking system for technology support; provide daily consultation regarding proper use of technology resources to end users in a multi-vendor, multi-platform environment; analyze end users’ needs and resolve problems; set up, configure and test delivered equipment to ensure proper operation; work with other teams (internal and external), vendors, technical support and other resources to resolve technical issues for end users; audit software; take hardware inventory; travel to judicial entities at remote locations to provide technology support; plan travel as efficiently as possible; work with end users to streamline and improve business processes; analyze current process, information gathered and reports generated; augment existing processes or develop new processes for day-to-day operations; package computer equipment in a safe, secure manner, and arrange transport via an approved carrier; receive and inspect received items for damage; deliver items to local and remote judicial entities; and develop training manuals and document procedures for judicial entity applications, processes and forms. Application Support - Provide technology application expertise and support; design, define, analyze and implement application software and new application processes; review requests for application enhancements, identify needs and review existing application to ensure current application is being used to fullest extent; document application requirements for vendors and IT staff; create test plans and reusable test scripts; execute test cases with various business process scenarios on applications and subsequent upgrades/modifications; report test failures and bugs to the vendor or developers; work with vendor and/or developers to resolve problems; work with end users to streamline and improve business processes; analyze current process, statutory and legal requirements, budgetary constraints and work flow in relationship to information requirements; develop, test, document, and train end users on revised or new business process using judicial technological applications; document judicial entity applications and customization to judicial applications; identify database table modifications required; work with end users to identify data quality and application problems, analyze the source of the problems; install, configure and document judicial entity and financial software; audit existing reports for completeness and accuracy of data; work with end users and IT staff to develop methodology and identify relevant data for an electronic interface with judicial entities and the central repository; maintain a judicial entity software repository; provide end users with application documentation, processes, and correct data entry procedures; respond to requests for special projects or specific needs for an application; collaborate with IT staff to maintain standards, implement solutions and resolve issues; analyze hardware and software needs, table structures and data, procedures, data entry screen flow and required functionality; determine viability of special projects and research possible technical solutions and costs; write specification goals and functions, table structures and relationships and outline basic output screens and reports while identifying time lines and constraints for review and approval by management; provide instruction and direction to database administrators to perform database maintenance including code table updates and data quality corrections; coordinate with judicial entity and database administrators to perform routine maintenance and to apply application upgrades and modifications; maintain judicial entity data server workstations including users accounts and security; coordinate statewide collection of relevant data into the appropriate application database; write specifications for specific reports and data analysis as requested; determine need and purpose for reports, identify data elements and their relationships, design formula and format for reports; write reports using a report writer and SQL; design, document, implement and maintain the judicial entity web site; test results to confirm output meets requirements and load reports on computers; develop and use measures to plan and monitor project goals; develop and maintain database tables for applications; provide technology expertise at committee meetings; assist in the installation and support of external applications and related interfaces; maintain inventory of judicial entity hardware and software; develop and maintain a judicial entity preventive maintenance plan. May when assigned act as the team lead on a project(s) including motivating and mentoring others, planning and assigning work and providing appropriate training, coaching and feedback.
  • WORK ENVIRONMENT AND PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The following functions are representative, but not all inclusive of the work environment and physical demands an employee may expect to encounter in performing tasks assigned to this job. Work is performed in an office, field or court setting. Travel may be required in the course of work (including meeting attendance and training) and a valid driver’s license is required. The employee is expected to be punctual and to adhere to assigned work schedule. Assigned work schedules may be flexible, to include days, nights, weekends and holidays and overtime may be required. The employee must regularly interact positively with co-workers, clients, the public, judges, and justices; work under severe time constraints and meet multiple demands from multiple sources. The work requires prolonged use of computers, repetitious hand, arm and finger motions as well as manual/finger dexterity. The employee must be able to kneel, stoop, lift, pull and carry up to 40 pounds. The employee may be required to sit or stand for long periods of time. The employee may be exposed to fluctuating outdoor and building temperatures; hostile or violent situations that may arise when dealing with individuals involved in court cases or contagious health conditions. Field Support - The employee may be required to drive to remote judicial entities in a state-owned vehicle.
TO APPLY: Submit a New Mexico Judicial Branch Application for Employment or a Resume and a Resume Supplemental form and proof of education to:

Application forms:
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Resume Supplemental Forms:
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Second Judicial District Court
Human Resource Office
400 Lomas Blvd. NW (Third Floor/Room 325)
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Apply at or send application or resume supplemental form and proof of education and certifications to the above address. Applications not including copies of information requested on the employment application will be rejected.